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Un año mas sin celebrar el festival como tal no nos impide reunirnos a danzar en una celebración mas intima pero igual de especial. Nos reunimos en el mágico Valle Sagrado de los Incas, como hace 11 años empezamos con este ritual. Este 24 de Junio nos juntamos como hace siglos lo hicieron a su manera venerando al taita Inti, danzando con los Apus y la Pachamama.

One more year without celebrating the festival as such does not prevent us from meeting to dance in a more intimate but equally special celebration. We meet in the magical valley of the Incas, where 11 years ago we started this ritual. Just as centuries ago they did it in their own way, venerating the Apus and the Pachamama, respecting and thanking nature, their gods.

Algunos sets de artistas de la ultima edición de Arkana Festival


Arkana club open air

This year we will be holding the first Arkana Club Open Air, where it all began, after having successfully hosted them in cities like Tulum, Barcelona and Munich in the last two years. Arkana Club is a party that normally takes place in closed venues, and its musical offering is essentially that of the alternative dance floor of the Arkana Festival, known as the Jabberwockie Stage.

The musical journey of this stage can include styles from downtempo, organic house, minimal techno, techno, psytech and more, creating an eclectic journey that will make you not want to leave the dance floor.
Intiraymi is the date to meet this year for this very special and exclusive edition of Arkana Club in the sacred valley of the Incas.

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